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Pre-Marital Coaching

After such an investment of time, energy and money in the marriage ceremony… don’t you think it wise to invest in the marriage to come? I would love to guide you both through my Pre-Marital Coaching course.

We’ll typically meet at your home, or wherever you are comfortable.  Much of the time is spent in the “Nearlywed Game” style – where I am seeing how well you know each other, and what you can discover about each other.  We will discuss similarities and differences.  We will talk about significant growing-up experiences, parents, communication, love languages, future goals for your life together – and experiences from my own marriage!  I may recommend some books for you to purchase and read (homework?), or some websites that will be helpful down the road.  I think your investment of time and money will be well worth it – and we’ll have some great laughs along the way.

After completing the coaching, I’ll give you both a form to take to the Duval or St. John's County Clerk’s Office and you will receive your marriage license on the spot, as well as a discount of $25 off the $86 license fee.  For Florida residents, there is a three-day waiting period for your license if you have not completed a class by a registered instructor (me!)


If you are coming from out-of-state, you can get your license immediately at the clerk’s office without the coaching, by both parties showing proof of out-of-state residence, driver’s license, SS# etc. You can still receive the discount by completing the course.

I like to keep our sessions fun, and I think all my couples have benefited from, and enjoyed this investment in their marriage. The Pre-Marital Coaching is reviewed in several of the wedding reviews – check it out!

This makes a FANTASTIC WEDDING GIFT from someone who cares about your marriage!


“Pre-Marriage Coaching was so key to developing our successful life together that we still thank pastor Bob for leading us through thought provoking questions. We were hesitant at first about sharing our stories with someone else, but Pastor Bob put us at ease. He made sure that those little details like finances, expectations, and different emotional needs were sorted through and understood. We genuinely enjoyed meeting every week, and can still put his sage advice to use.”   Stephanie

“I’m so glad we found Pastor Bob. Not only was he an excellent officiant, but we also really enjoyed our pre-marital counseling with him, and have also visited his church. After being together for 9 years, we thought pre-marital coaching wouldn’t be helpful for us, but we really enjoyed our time with him the first time we met and decided to give it a try. We enjoyed the counseling and by the time we got to the wedding day, I felt like he knew us and it wasn’t some stranger marrying us. We’re lucky to have found Pastor Bob and I believe we will continue to seek his help and encouragement in the future to keep our marriage strong.” (Married at The Ribault Club)

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