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Wedding Ceremonies

  • After an initial meeting/FaceTime, if you choose FCC, I will ask you both to review and sign a contract for the services of FCC.

  • You can scan the signed Contract back to me and Venmo your 50% Deposit to reserve your date!

  • After talking about your dreams and visions, I will send you 2 ceremonies (A & B) that I think will be a good fit.

  • You can cut and paste parts of them and by including more of your ideas/changes, we will construct your (C) ceremony.

  • Your ceremony can incorporate Scripture, Prayer, Blessings, Special Readings, Recorded or Live Music.

  • Your ceremony can be either a more or less religious ceremony.

  • You can give me a topic for your message and I will write it just for you!

  • We can personalize your ceremony with a unity candle, cross ceremony, sand ceremony, anniversary box, ethnic touches, family traditions, and/or music.

  • We will develop your ceremony in person, using emails, phone calls or all three!

  • A typical ceremony will last 20 min, but it can be longer or shorter - it's your ceremony!

  • I want your ceremony to be just that, yours, but also meaningful, sacred, beautiful, expressive and fun!

  • I may attend your Rehearsal Dinner and Reception if invited.

  • I can offer some basic “first dance” steps, to make your moment even more special!

  • I have a beautiful boat and would love to take you + friends to St Aug for lunch, though the Jax Bridges at night, or lunch at The Palms off Hecksher. 

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